Life doesn’t force anyone to choose between a strong mind and a lean body. You can have both.

-Tony Greco

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Strong Mind, Lean Body

Strategies for Life Success

You’re put to the test. You have to either walk a tightrope and make it to the other side or stay where you’re at…stuck behind. You have some thoughts going on and they’re tripping you up. You know the ones, those “what-ifs.” To the left of you another guy is standing there in front of his own tightrope and he looks “ideal” physically. There’s a woman to the right who looks confident, but not physically able. What’s your edge? And what can you do to make that walk?


Thankfully, life doesn’t force anyone to choose between a strong mind and a lean body. You can have both. You just have to learn how and that’s what takes place in Strong Mind, Lean Body: Strategies for Life Success. There’s no more down-to-earth way to receive the message than from Tony Greco, a sought out influencer in mind and action. It’s time for you to receive some straight talk that fits with you, regardless of where you stand at this moment. You don’t need filler words; you just need to start recognizing your uniquely defined idea of success.With the extensive amounts of pressure that people place on themselves to be “more” in areas they feel lacking in, it’s easy to choose to forget about the joy of the pursuit. Words like “strategy” and “life success” become stressful, instead of inspiring. You think, I don’t need this. But you do. It’s not like you’re permanently lost—you’re merely off-course. By using some key principles you can get on track again, recognizing the union between a strong mind and a lean body.  Understanding how your physical body is intricately linked to every action you make is where you begin.  
This awareness of your ability to perform isn’t something that’s exclusively for elite athletes; it’s for everyone who just wants to enjoy life more fully. Through the body and learning effective ways to maximize its function, addressing the mind becomes more manageable. What this leads to is: 
A stronger grasp of your emotions and what they mean to you: what lights you up? Maybe it’s helping others, completing a project, getting that smile that sold you on day one from your spouse.
Dynamic, healthier relationships: all relationships matter, admittedly some more than others. The ones that tend to matter most are the personal relationships, because they connect you with the best of memories, and once in awhile, the worst of memories too. All of them impact you physically, in some way. A great memory can make you feel euphoric—the way you would feel crossing that tightrope and recognizing the achievement. Who wouldn’t want that type of juice flowing through them?
Being the master of your time: this is simple—spend more time doing what you love by having the mental and physical stamina to take care of life’s daily “business.” You’ve got to work and earn a paycheck, but it shouldn’t drain you. You can leave work for the day with energy in the tank and with a new adventure on the horizon. 
What’s the answer to getting these things under control? It lies in physical movement. Hey, you can choose to have a job where you sit around all day and that’s great, but know this. A body is designed to be in motion, to the best of someone’s ability. If you’re not operating at the best of your ability you’re denying a few people. First and foremost, yourself. Second, those who care about you. Is it worth it? Could you, if you chose to, decide to be better so you could live more inspired. This could mean: 
Having a mission in life, not just a job or careerwhen what you do becomes about more than just another task on your “to-do list of life,” it becomes purpose driven. The best part, you won’t have to worry about sensing it because you’ll feel it from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed—most all the time.
Recognition of wealthwealth isn’t just money, it’s mindset and quality of life just as much. All the money in the world doesn’t lead to happiness if you can’t look at your relationships, thoughts, and use of time and think favorably. 
The ability to contribute and build a legacy: when you extend beyond yourself and into what your actions and abilities can do to inspire others, you’re coming from a good place. You know you’ve figured something important out and it shows in your posture, attitude, and the energy you put out into the world around you. 
If you’re done with debating on how to walk that tightrope to a better place than you’re already taking action. When you realize how intricate the relationship is between your mind and body you’ll actually feel relief, followed by hope, and then inspired action. There’s no time for excuses any longer. Your value of your time will not allow it. The process on how to get back on-course is laid out in Strong Mind, Lean Body: Strategies for Life Success.